Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What a difference a day make...

As usual, not much time to write on my blog, so I'll be brief again. Today was basically the exact opposite of yesterday's monster volatility day. Maybe because it was a pre-holiday trading day, traders were thinking more about tomorrow's turkey than markets, I can't say. The euro market for one was a real snoozer. I never got an entry signal, so I just didn't trade it. The crude oil market has been good to me lately and today was no exception, with nice orderly up and down movements. Really nice and, should I say, easy. Can't say that about the Treasuries market that is just awful right now. No direction, no conviction and... manipulation by the Fed. It's been a losing proposition for me since the beginning of the week. It'll come back to "normal" eventually, but when? OK, that's it, no more time to blog. Net result for today +$283 (trading 1 contract, commissions included). Details below.

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