Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A lousy whipsaw Wednesday

With the exception of crude oil (which swift upward drive at the beginning of the pit session I missed), the other instruments I trade did not really go anywhere today (especially t-notes). They just went up and down in a disorderly fashion that is kind of difficult (and boring may I add) to trade. Natural gas has been on such on depressed state of mind lately that every time you believe it is done falling, well it falls even more. Wish I had shorted that little s.o.b. back in June. This is starting to look as the short trade of the decade. If this goes on, soon they will pay you to accept delivery of the stuff. It's really a truly undervalued commodity imo, but visibly the market hasn't noticed yet. It will in time for sure. Hope I'll have the guts to back up the truck when that time comes around. Overall a yawner type of day for me. Net result: +$96 trading 1 contract commissions included. Details below.

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