Friday, November 18, 2011

Another spread trades day

Definitely, spread trades have been more and more useful and profitable under the recent market conditions than I first expected. We are not talking about mega profitability here but at least the risk is more under control than when you are outright long or short a particular futures contract.When you use unidirectional trades, you absolutely have to be right about market direction in order to make money. In a spread trade, the risk of error is still there but if you know what to look for as entry setup and are able to time your entry, well you do not have to be right immediately. You have the luxury to wait for the "natural" imbalances of the markets you spread trade to right themselves (they will eventually but sometimes not for long) and close your entire spread trade at a profit. I think that I will make this strategy a central part of my play book in the coming weeks, at least until the chaotic market conditions that we experience now become a little bit more normal. Net result for today +$253 trading 1 contract commissions included. Details below. Have a good weekend!

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