Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nothing special to report... except profits

Most of my trading today was done in the morning, as it is more and more the case lately. T-notes and crude oil trades were the most predictable again as opposed to euro and natural gas. One has to admit that the euro has become of late prisonner of politicians' hidden agenda and is more than ever prone to mainstream medias manipulation. In short, it is not easy to trade solely on a technical analysis basis. I have to use my "intuition" more and more and I don't like that very much. Concerning natural gas, we had today the weekly release of the EIA injections number, that incidently came on the bearish side. So every Thursday it's kind of rock'n roll on this market. I got caught the wrong way a couple of times with natty but managed to escape with little damage. So for today, net results of +$376 trading 1 contract (commissions included). Details below.

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  1. Your rubbish at trading natty gas. Why bother?