Thursday, December 22, 2011

Natgas was my biggest winner today

Some of the people that leave comments on this blog or on twitter/stocktwits on my trading have been "warning" me lately to stop trading natural gas presumably because it would "kill" me. Well, looking at the performance over the last 5 trading days, one has to realize that natgas has been one of the main contributors (with crude oil) to my positive bottom line. So, I'm not too sure what those warnings are all about but I certainly don't subscribe to them. In fact, I believe that to be consistent in trading, one has to diversify the type of commodities/futures contracts he trades. In November for example, t-notes were consistently winning therefore contributing to my bottom line. December is the exact opposite. T-notes have lost me money more often than not during this month. You see what I mean? I'll stick to my strategy of diversifying my financial instruments no matter how many "warnings" I receive. Nevertheless, I appreciate the challenge of point of view that they bring. Keep them coming please. Net result for today +$687 trading 2 contracts (commissions included). Details below.

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