Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My winning streak continues

I am pretty satisfied with my trades today. Not necessarily with the net result (although pretty good) but more specifically with the way I kept my focus, risk management and discipline inline throughout the trading session. Wish I could be like that every day. The only thing that I could really self-criticize is my lack of patience (again?) particularly concerning my natgas trades. But, hey, nobody's perfect, right? Crude oil trades and spreads long euro/short gold (not the other way around) accounted for most of my profits today. As for t-notes, it has become increasingly difficult to trade them in the last 2-3 weeks. There is absolutely no trend going on there since well before Christmas. Therefore, trading is confined to "chop-chop" market conditions. It will have to start trending soon or I will have to avoid them all together. We'll see. My winning streaks continues with net result today of +$1266 trading 2 contracts (commissions included). Details below.

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