Monday, January 23, 2012

The euro's been a nightmare to trade lately

Unless you trade overnight during the European session, the euro has not been easy to trade lately nor has it been really generous in terms of ticks intraday. And today was no exception to what now seems to be a new normal during the North American session. Thanks God there are other commodities to trade like crude oil, natural gas and gold that give you your money's worth of intraday action. Again today, crude oil was my biggest winner followed by natgas and gold on an equal basis. Of course, as you may suspect, euro and t-notes (again) were both losing propositions. T-notes especially are on my "negative watch" list. I am evaluating keeping them or dumping them from my basket of traded instruments. I'll give them another 2-3 weeks maximum before I make a decision. All in all a good day nevertheless with net result of +$985 trading 2 contracts (commissions deducted). Details below.


  1. If you concentrated solely on the intraday CL with reasonable stops, you would outperform all of the other contracts you trade.


  2. Yes, probably Steve but I like to diversify my risk (at least I think I do) by trading other instruments as well.