Friday, October 14, 2011

Slow grinding day

It seemed today like most of the heavy-duty action had been done during the overnight session, particularly on crude oil which ended up closing 3% higher than yesterday. I had a couple of good trades on it during the pit session. In fact, that's where virtually all of my profits come from today. The euro, which hasn't been kind to me lately, didn't provide me with any good real setup to trade today. So, I didn't trade it. My only 10-year notes trade went nowhere fast and turned out to be my losing trade of the day. Finally, I took 3 trades in natural gas. They were all small winners. For two of them, it would have been more profitable for me to show a little bit more patience. Sometimes, it is only a matter of holding on to the trade 10 more minutes. Anyway, overall a reasonable Friday trading session. Net result today (trading 1 contract): +$368. Details below.

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